Be it the Far North, Far East, ages ago or right the home soil that inspires us, our music fails to fit common brands. Acoustic, multi-voice, lively yet ancient, color- and diversiful. That is Ignitus.


  • Origin

    Czech republic, Prague
  • Influences

    Scandinavian, Jewish music, Medieval tunes, Oriental and Europeian Folklore, ...
  • Members

    Bara Jungmannova, Monika Novakova, Misa Kralova, Maja Wichsova, Josef Prexl a Vaclav Pergl
  • Instruments

    4 voices, flute, bagpipes, cittern, recorders, chalumeau, violin, double-bass, darabouka, frame drums, davul drum
    We are able to play completely unamplified, otherwise our stageplan is ready to be supplied.

Photo galleries can be viewed here.

Few records are availible at our MySpace profile here; a few more samples right here to be found. You can preview our recent CD at the same place, it is still for sale at the price of 10 EUR or 200 CZK plus shipping fees.

Please, feel free to contact us at ignisaci(at)seznam.cz